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Advice for a man thinking about calling a woman:

Well guys, if she gives you her number when you ask, it doesn't always means that she wants you to call.  Some women have the "too nice" disease, where they would rather lead a man on and give him false hope by giving him her personal contact information than just do the right thing and say "no thanks", "I have a boyfriend", or whatever other reasonable excuse to not give it to him.  Take this as a notice to you, ladies:  You ARE NOT doing the right thing by giving out your number to a guy you don't intend to talk to later.  This goes for men as well, with respect to women.  Women will ask for your number if she is interested in you, and it looks as if you might forget to offer it to her.

But let's say that you get her number, and she seems legitimately interested.  Do you call her the next day?  Experience says wait at least 20 hours for her to get mentally prepared for your call.  Most people in general do not want someone to call them immediately following the exchange of numbers.  If she likes you, she will probably be nervous and therefore not mentally prepared for your call.  The extra time will allow her to calm her nerves and you will have a better conversation.

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